Roulette Systems: Dozen Repeater

Hi everyone welcome to another video in this system. I’M going to show you a dozen system. It’S called dozens repeater, it’s fairly easy. The good thing about this system is in a five numbered bit sequence.

You only need to win two out of five to come ahead in profit, so it uses the DLN but betting progression system. Where, if you lose, you add one unit or you can add more, but in this example we’re going to add one unit if you lose. If you win in a casino, you take off a unit and it’s in groups of five but I’ll get onto the system and how that works right now. So what we do why it’s called the dozen repeater use the last number that it’s hip. We bet on that same dozen, so we’re actually betting for five spins we’re going to do one unit per bet in this example, and we workout after that time in five spins, if you’re ahead well, anytime, you’re, ahead, you’re, either even or plus one on your original Bankroll you restart the betting at one unit and you start the count back at number, one so always remember you’re in a5 betting sequence and it will reset once you go back in profit when you lose, you will increase the bet by one. So, let’s have a look: let’s do an example, so we do one spin 16.

So this is the dozen we’re going to start on putting one unit on this one here. So it’s the last dozen is always the last bet. You put your chip on so we’re going to use what we won unit lots an increase by one unit for every 5, if we’re not in profit or not level, with the previous balance, our so five thousand. Let’S here we go so one that one one two! So a new balance is five thousand and two we again will bet that dozen continue the sequence of five start, the sequence of five again, so that was a loss.

So two of five now on this dozen so lost number three or five. We won back to the original highest balance, so we start the sequence of five off again, so one in a profit there. So New Balance is five thousand three. This same dozen one thousand and five zero four zero comes we’re just going to read it in the same dozen. So again, this is a third of five fourth, fifth, okay, so we’re down five!

So now we’re betting two units, because that sequence of five visit is over and we haven’t actually got past our previous balance of five thousand and five, so five now spins of two units, one that one we’re still behind. So it is third, the sequence its fourth. Fifth, two units, one that one we’re still behind those so now we’re going to increase by one to three units: five spins we’re ahead. Now we won that one so was five thousand five was our previous high. So now it’s five thousand eight.

So that’s a new high, so we reset now back to one unit or five until we increase our profit by one or more. So we won that one again. So five thousand in ten start the sequence off again one unit with five spins, three four same one again: five: okay, two units now on the last dozen won that one still one behind so number. Two second bet open zero at the moment.

Third, fourth, one that one is still behind by one so one more v with two units: we won that one so we’re head up from our previous high of 5. 10. Now it’s 5:30! So that’s that’s a sequence there. So you can see that if that doesn’t the last dozen that you’ve hit hasn’t, isn’t hitting you’re, obviously going to keep going up and up one unit.

So as long as you have a stop loss in place where you say: okay, the maximum risk I’m going to lose is 50 units, and then you stop there. So as a target I’d be happy with 20 20 units or more, but you can set your own target, but obviously we’re just using the the one unit bets. You could start it. You know, starting at two units, three or four or whatever you choose. So that’s the same system there, so just to sum up with this system if, after five bits of the same number, so the first series would be one unit if you’re not in profit or level.

With your previous balance, you would increase by one unit for the next five until you’re in profit or at that same balance from when you started. So it is a nice little system, but I wouldn’t keep betting over and over. I did do a trial where I got to over 100 units just betting one unit, but there were stages where it did get behind, but it did catch up. Quite it quite quickly. So the good thing about this one is you’re, not you’re, not waiting for one dozen, that term that doesn’t where you’re waiting for it to hit when hasn’t hit for a while, it’s actually following the last dozen, which, in my opinion, could be a better way to To bet because there can be long longer stages where you you actually don’t get that that doesn’t hit with those systems, in other words a sleeper because it hasn’t been hit with that. Doesn’T so this alleviates that problem where it’s just following the last one, that’s hit, which can be more effective with online soft software?

But this is one of the many systems that I found can be quite effective and I use this one occasionally to bring in small puff profits.