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Petty Perspective: Augment Slots

This isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s still something I wanted to discuss. The topic of this video is: “Should every Warframe, Primes included, come with a single slot specifically made for Augments?”

I personally think it would be a great idea, but there have to be a few changes in order to preserve build diversity and possibly prevent builds from becoming even more overpowered.

1: If an Augment slot becomes reality, it needs to drain your mod capacity rather than increase it, like every mod that isn’t an Aura. This way, in order to achieve the state of “a perfect and strong build with a touch of Eternal War”, you have to work for it, that is by applying Forma.

2: More Augments have to be introduced to the game. Currently, Volt, Excalibur, and Mag each have the greatest number of Augments, coming in at 5. Most other frames in the game have at least 3, if any, because there are a few frames that do not have any Augments at all, such as Atlas and Equinox. If Digital Extremes were to give every Warframe in the game, besides the 3 starter frames, at least 4 equally good mods, 1 per ability, in addition to the 1 Augment slot per Warframe, it would encourage build diversity among players.

If all 4 mods are equal in terms of their power and usability, the players will take the Augment that will improve the ability they use the most, or the Augment that will be the most beneficial to the team. 3: If players find that a new Augment also works in another way besides its intended purpose, then Digital Extremes needs to embrace their players’ ingenuity by including that newfound method into the Augment’s original design, unless that ingenuity is harmful to both the players and the overall experience. I know I’m not the only one who remembers the Greedy Pull nerf. 4: If Digital Extremes decide to use feedback from the players in order to create a new Augment, then they have to listen to it carefully and develop accordingly.

Sometimes it feels like some Augments don’t make any sense, not even from a player’s standpoint. Currently, when it comes to Augments, the player has a choice. They can either: A: Not take an Augment, keeping their full build intact. or B: Sacrifice 1 slot on their build to take along an Augment that might or might not make a difference, depending on which Augment was taken. If Augments were given the same treatment as Exilus mods, that is by being given their own slot but not made mandatory, I believe it would help build diversity among players greatly.

To summarize, I think slots for Augment mods on every Warframe would be a wonderful addition, but in order to do it right, every frame needs an Augment that isn’t too overpowered or too weak for each of their abilities in order to encourage players to take an Augment with them, depending on their playstyle. Thank you for watching.