Gaming Expo

Ghostbusters Slot Machine From IGT

Each year, we make a visit to the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, which is the world’s largest trade show for the gaming industry. It’S a great place to visit, because every major slot machine manufacturers at the show – and you get to see all the newest slot machines that will be coming into the casinos and not only do you get see them, you also get to play with them now, besides, The slot machines there are lots of other fun things happening at the show, including some celebrity appearances and the Global Gaming Expo, which is also known as g2e goes on for three entire days. While I was at this year’s show had the chance to meet with three of the world’s largest slot machine manufacturers to get a look at some of their latest games and in this video we’ll be taking a look at one of them, which is the new wide-area. Progressive Ghostbusters slot machine from I i gt right.

Well, I say this year last year we were here at g2e, you have you had a Ghostbuster game outlasted. What was that slot machine? That was our Ghostbusters on the dynamic duo for the centerstage duo machines and that’s a stand-alone aggressive, for example, a progressive.

So it’s not link throughout a stated skin for property. Ok – and I understand you – have a new – a slot machine for next year – new version A Ghostbuster what’s at when all about was we get the brands into our portfolio. We certainly want to maximize our development news about license and so trying to create this next generation of Ghostbusters decide to create this one is a lap we try to target different demographics, different markets needs, and so this from being developed as a lap were just for Using that brand, the the great content music associated with it and packaging in a different way in and me different demographic needs. Ok and no one use a web meeting, wide-area progressive, wider progressive, so this one will be linked throughout stage a different jurisdictions. Okay, I was playing it that earlier today was.

It was a lotta fun. Let’S cover and play with an hour K sounds good now. This is just a free spin bonus crack correct, so we have different bonuses within the game to create free, spins, big bonuses, players like a variety of different things we try to, especially in the making jackpot vision and make a jackpot segment. We try to offer quite a bit a content for that players, entertainment now to be eligible for these bonuses after the maximum fine.

Not all the only requirement for max bet is to her not talk aggressive award going across the different jurisdictions at any entry bet, you can be the $ 50 credit cost to cover, or any there I’ll any bedding between their will make you eligible for the the Different bonuses in the game, as well as the mobile other progressive, so the small also – and this is always a penny machine this – when is a penny machine, comprar a wide-area progressives – we have select denominations that we do to support those links. If we have this game in a stand-alone a flat fee, jurisdiction operators have the choice so changing the denomination’s. If they want to do a two-set or nickel, they could do that. But the way the game is configured the line configuration et cetera, it’s really appropriate for any denomination. I can I notice on some Madden band you show clips from the movie is, as I there’s certain bonus, founder or Sat.

Not even a bonus found out to be to see a know and again going back to the development is for mega. Jackpot will take a a great brand. Like Ghost Busters, we want to use those familiar movie clips the music you can hear coming through the game. Now we want to really discrete that great package again for the entertainment value in the players, so, whether it’s in the bonuses or are they had a big win you’ll see the different movie clips come up with a the player.

I cant we’re still in a bonus round out there. Three times correct. We have the free three games over 30, so you got free spins at seven and each each Spain, Italy value 82, wins on the left side. We have a random of the fire being awarded for the game, so Mesa kinda fun for the players apec at bank.

Can we also take a look at the yeah? What’S the other one, where you effect? That goes that wasn’t? There was a great one right, so I can show you the big bonuses, and I can also show you one of the most lovable residents alike chat, so this is going to be called back Adam.

I play this one earlier today. I was lucky enough to get the online casino welcome bonus nz. This particular bonus on, like a free scan for the game, is automatically go into. Those free-spending evaluations is actually allows the player to participate more in the bones. Were they get to select? A different goes so makes a more interactive for them and again for this one, you not to make the maximum bet, no, not at all.

You can do with your minimum cost to cover by the minimum bet. You’D have to make. Is that 25 lines? We have the 25 lines, but we have an anti bed built into it.

Does that basically funds the bonus? So there, the entry bed itself is 50. Credits has to be $ 25, plus $ 25 eligible for a bonus correct.

So here we have a a pic location for the the players. I can choose any one of the four and then we’ll transition onto the subway for this one and are asking the player to select one that goes if the traffic goes they get to trap goes. Will give them an additional multiplier to go as they continue to the bonuses?

Really they wan na play. This traffic goes turn earn higher multipliers. If three got every goes. Getaway in the bonus will end at that.

At that point, slalom got ta, restore the players and credits for the pic others to the got away nothing. I want more got away, you’re out and correct and Hamid a pic to go to the next round whiny. I need a trap to goes to get to the next level. I just wrapped one how to set aside when I trap was a random. It’S a randomly generated, a big bonus of tire. I we got ta so now the player as a two-times multiplier that they just turn increases.

The credit bags form now will go to another location, Tri City Park so same there in a slightly different goes now in need to trap three in order to get two or three times multiplier. I got ta so 3 goes got away. My bonus is gon na end very simple gameplay, but it allows a player to be more interactive with the game.

I can also show you one of them all dresses. My hair said dan Aykroyd in the food yesterday. Kinda kicking off the game course a lot of fun so now, with this particular bonus when you, when he triggered a gorgeous either virtual. Its gon na, spend a penny a pill and on the pre game to the big bonus or 10. Those characters are gon na play for that particular progressive, triggered it to land on ray mister aykroyd now after vetting max you’re guaranteed to win the progressive. If you’re betting lesson max, depending on what your belt level is, you have a you know: 1 & 3, your I’ll, you know 50-50 chance of winning that progressed so depending on which about love was bitter betting.

Max your guarantee, the progressive. We see the progress it simple going out to each area and now at least one right and now its asking me to to pick from the different symbols. Depending on the matches I make on the side. Here I can win the progressive plus some additional credits.